Vienna Kendo Club

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The club
In the year 1980 the Club was founded, called Austrian Kendo Association ("AKA"). AKA  soon became a member of the  European  Kendo Federation (EKF) and the  International Kendo Federation (IKF). In 1996 the  Österreichische Kendo Verband - Austrian Kendo Association (AKA) was founded by various Kendo and Iaido clubs. The Club named AKA so far became a founding member of the new Association and was renamed "Vienna Kendo Club", which is the Kendo Club in Austria with the greatest number of members. Many of the members have represented Austria at European and World Kendo Championships and participate continuously in national and international Kendo events.

In case of questions, contact Info. Guests are welcome.

How to become a member?
Training classes for beginners start every second month for a duration of 5 months.It is always possible to watch a training session or to join the session if already experienced in Kendo.
Time and Place of Training (Google Maps)
Please contact us to make sure or see our calendar

  • Monday: 19:00 - 21:00 (Experienced kendoka with bogu)
    Gym Volksschule Strohgasse 15, 1030 Wien

    **(This gym is not available during school-holidays!)**

  • Wednesday: 19:00 - 21:00 (Iaido)
    Gym Volksschule Holzhausergasse 7, 1020 Wien

    **(This gym is not available during school-holidays!)**

  • Thursday: 18:30 - 20:30 (Experienced kendoka with bogu and beginners)
    Gym II,  Maiselgasse 1, 1030 Vienna

    **(This gym is not available during school-holidays!)**

  • Saturday: 09:30 - 11:30 (Experienced kendoka with bogu, beginners and children)
    S.C. Hakoah, Simon Wiesenthal-Gasse 3, 1020 Wien, Entry: Wehlistr. 326, 1020 Wien